Visit a wildlife sanctuary

(12.5 miles from Cusgarne)

Visit the National Seal Sanctuary near Gweek, Helston. This is a rescue, rehabilitation and release centre for seals. Most seasons over 40 pups are rescued. The sanctuary has nursery pools, convalescence and resident pools and a specially designed hospital. They have fur seals, Californian and Patagonian sea lions, and an Arctic hooded seal. They also have otters, sheep, ponies and goats and occasionally dolphins and turtles. They are very excited about the arrival of a colony of Humboldt penguins in 2010.

If you like this you may also want to visit Paradise Park, near Hayle. This is a tropical bird garden where visitors can also see otters, red pandas, native red squirrels and our own rare Cornish Chough.

Wildlife Cornwall